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Here at Altitude carpentry we have been in the industry for over 14 years doing all aspects of carpentry from roofing and decking to high end parquetry installations and floor sanding and polishing.

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We offer compitive pricing for all sizes of jobs no matter how small.
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Dustless floor sanding and low VOC finishes

We take pride in being able to offer a dustless sanding system using a dedicated high volume vacuum takin 99% of the dust right out your home and state of the art sanding machines the uses the latest technolgey to get perfect flat floors to achive the flawless finish, We only use top quality water-based finish products that have very low VOC (volitile organic compounds) which means is safe for kids and pets.


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Dustless floor sanding, also known as dust-free floor sanding or dustless refinishing, is a process that minimizes the amount of dust generated during the sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors. Here are the general steps involved in a dustless floor sanding process:


The floor is thoroughly cleaned to remove any debris, dust, or dirt that may be present. Furniture, rugs, and other objects are removed from the room.


Specialized dustless sanding equipment is used to sand the floor. This equipment is designed to capture the dust as it is generated, preventing it from circulating in the air. The sanding process typically involves several passes with different grits of sandpaper to achieve a smooth and even surface.

Dust Removal

Once the sanding is complete, a vacuum system is used to remove any remaining dust particles from the floor and surrounding areas. This system is designed to capture even the smallest dust particles, leaving the area clean and dust-free.


After the dust has been removed, the floor is ready to be finished. This may involve staining the wood, applying a sealant or protective coating, or adding a topcoat for additional durability and shine.
Overall, the dustless floor sanding process is designed to minimize the amount of dust generated during the sanding and refinishing process. This helps to create a cleaner, healthier environment for both the workers and the occupants of the home or building, while still achieving beautiful and long-lasting results.